Lunch Mommy

It’s the first week of summer vacation and I am on a cloud because I slid right into home plate during the final days of school to score a winning “Working Moms Can Participate at School” point for us all.  After ten months of school I was able to make good on the promises I […]

June 29, 2011

Modern Day Mom

As we sat down to dinner as a family last night, it dawned on me…we are THAT family. You know the one. The family that is only home to run in, drop bags by the door, change clothes and run out; the family that often eats out of paper bags and drinks using straws; the […]

June 27, 2011


The school year is done and we’re in camp mode. You would think that camp mode wouldn’t make much of a difference to me since it’s not like my work hours change, but camp mode beats school mode by a country mile. I loooove camp mode. Yes, camp mode means packing lunches, still, and lots […]

June 23, 2011

Teeny Weeny Bikini for Baby?

My husband and I decided to enroll our five-month-old daughter in a swim class this summer – more for the sake of a fun family activity than the need to teach a five month old how to swim. So we were left with the task of finding two things: swim diapers and a bathing suit. […]

June 20, 2011

Sports Day

I went to my son’s first lacrosse game the other day.  This is a monumental occasion because I ask if he wants to join the team for every sports flyer that comes home and he never does.  Finally, when asked about lacrosse, he said yes.  We signed him up and I thought, “Great. He’ll be […]

June 15, 2011

Homework Help

Most days my husband is home in time to get our kids off of the bus, take them in and feed them a snack. By the time I get home (about 45 minutes later), the house is in total chaos and my darling hubby is convinced that he’s done his kid-time for the day, and […]

June 13, 2011

It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

Okay, Monday.  Let’s do this.  You’ve taunted me all weekend with your early alarm.  Sunday night, my home’s floors were clean and the children’s clothes were folded and put away leaving a mere 2/3 of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the laundry room for the next climb.  Between the alarm’s screams and putting on our shoes at […]

June 6, 2011