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We Are Unique

March 11, 2020

Posted in: Character Education, Curriculum

When you look at snowflakes up close, it’s amazing to see just how intricate and beautiful these tiny little ice crystals are. Every snowflake crystal has six sides, but otherwise every one of them is different. Of all the millions, billions, trillions and gazillions of snowflakes that fall, each flake is unique. Even so, every single one of them is beautiful.

It’s that way with people, too. No two people on the Earth are exactly alike. Everybody has something that makes them who they are. Recognizing that, accepting that and celebrating that is the basis of February’s Character EssentialsSM theme – We Are Unique.

“In February, we help our children realize how they’re unique individuals with different abilities and personalities,” said Kiddie Academy’s Chief Academic Officer, Richard Peterson. The children learn about traits that support the theme. Those traits are: