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Focus on the Health & Safety of our Community

May 15, 2020

Our daily processes a have changed for the common good.

This crisis has redefined what daily operations in child care will look like moving forward. There is a new level of awareness of health and safety practices. We see these shifts positively and foresee them staying with us for the future. Our team and our families have quickly adapted to the new normal and we’ve learned that with change comes some very positive and unexpected results. 

  • Morning drop-off and evening pick-up now happens in the lobby and other entrances instead of the classroom. The obvious result is that it limits the number of people who travel throughout the school building each day. The added benefit of this change is the independence and pride our students display when they are asked to change their routines and walk to class on their own. We’ve observed this in each school and with each student. It’s an extraordinary display of childrens’ resilience and willingness to learn.
  • We take the temperatures of all staff members and students twice each day. Those with an elevated temperature are required to stay home until fever-free for 24 hours without medication. 
  • More frequent handwashing is hard coded into our daily routines. All staff members and children are washing their hands more frequently and hand sanitizer is shared in common areas for parents. 
  • Our schools are equipped with state-of-the-art air purification systems by airPHX Health. This innovative technology releases hydrogen-peroxide ions into our duct systems to clean and purify the air, eradicating pathogens at a cellular level. This system has been in place in each academy and is more valuable than ever before for the health and well being of everyone in our schools.

We have the role to play in supporting families who are staying home. 

We’ve taken steps to support parents who are suddenly working from home and dealing with the challenges of continuing their child’s education and keeping them busy.

  • Our dedicated teachers host live stream sessions so children who are missing their friends and teachers can still be engaged in the classroom. 
  • Our staff is also providing parts of our curriculum adapted to be completed at-home, participating in online parents groups and sending messages to children.
  • We even hosted a social distancing parade so families could drive by the school and interact from a safe distance with their teachers and friends who are still attending in person.

Moving Forward

We’ve been fortunate to be a source of stability for our families during this unprecedented time. As people around the world continue to adapt to the changes ahead, rest assured that Kiddie Academy of St. Louis will remain focused on what matters most – the health and education of the families we care for every day. 


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