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The teachers are helping my son develop a sense of self. - David S. on 10/23/2018

friendly staff, ability to reach out with concerns at any time. they take care of my son and he always enjoys his days at Kiddie Academy! - Laura S. on 09/19/2018

Very good - Anna P. on 09/19/2018

I like that the teachers at your facility know all the parents and kids, even the front desk people. I like that we can tune in to see into our baby in the classroom whenever we want. I like that when I bring feedback to Joann, she takes it seriously and handles it discreetly. I don't love how sick my baby has been ever since the first playdate he had at the daycare in May... and I do wish there was more that could be done to keep the sick babies away from the healthy babies, keep toys separate, or just be stricter in general with what level of illness you'll allow at daycare without telling the parent that the child isn't allowed to come in that day. I've spent almost equal time at home sick with my child than he has spent in daycare over the last 3 months because it's been one sickness after another that he's contracted, and I feel like most of the other parents must not be keeping their kids home sick when they're sick because it's been pretty much non-stop illness for my son. - Chelsea W. on 09/13/2018

How kind and attentive the staff and teachers are. - David S. on 07/18/2018

Kiddie Academy has a staff that cares about my daughter and the curriculum is actually focused on improving her knowledge and interactions with the world around her. We could not be happier with her care and learning. - Jessica S. on 06/26/2018

my child enjoys arriving to Kiddie Academy every day. That is the most important. He smiles laughs, hugs and plays with the teachers when he walks in the door. Faculty, directors are all very friendly. - Laura S. on 06/20/2018

The food! - Joanne L. on 06/13/2018

Amazing staff, curriculum, and facility! - Dara G. on 06/02/2018

We love everything about the school, teachers, staff, chef and programs! - Jayesh K. on 05/16/2018

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