Our commitment to the care, education and safety of your children is reflected in our team. We hire teachers and assistants who are well versed in the best practices of early childhood education. Each member of our team nurtures each child in their care in a safe, supportive learning environment. Team members receive ongoing training to continue their education and are evaluated throughout the year. Our team excels at stimulating children to learn and preparing them for future education. Our team is devoted to making each day fun and educational. Their dedication makes all the difference for your children.

Michele Kilgallen

Assistant Center Director
Michele has been an Early Childhood Educator for over 30 years. She describes herself as a true education professional. Whether it be young children or adults, she knows how to reach them on a level that works best for them. Her background includes educating children from infancy through kindergarten with developmentally appropriate curriculum. She is a firm believer that to provide a quality program it is imperative to have quality teachers. Michel has been an early childhood administrator for over 20 years. She feels the key to any program's success lies in a foundation of strong communication with children, staff and families. When she is not a work, Michele loves reading, cooking and spending time with her family.

Sue Kwasnik

Center Director
Sue Kwasnik is the Director at Kiddie Academy of Hoboken. She has extensive administrative experience as a leader in quality early childhood programs. She takes pride is nurturing strong relationships with children, families and staff. She is committed to providing an exceptional quality of services and embraces the concept of ‘Community Begins Here’. Sue believes that children learn best when they are provided safe and creative learning environments. Children deserve our respect and are encouraged to explore positive interactions with other children and teachers. In her downtime, Sue enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends. She enjoys being outdoors, gardening and cooking. Sue is available each day and looks forward to being a part of the Kiddie Academy family.

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