Excellent customer service, friendly teachers, center clean.

Kiddie academy physically and emotionally feels like a second home and family to my child and my family. The education aspect is individualized. No shady business. Everything is genuine from their paperwork, to their processes and planning, to their nurturing. The kids are safe, happy, healthy, structured, mannered, educated, guided & developed emotionally, cultured, and above all else LOVED. They go above and beyond what they are called on to do as educators. I don't honestly know where we would be without them!

Experienced professional teachers who care for our kids. The teachers give a sense of protection and safety for the kids as well as nuturing environment for learning. I count myself blessed to have my son here.

We love the staff. My baby loves her teacher. I like the newsletters sent via email and the daily reports sent electronically. I especially love when they send me pictures or video of my baby while I'm at work. There's nothing better.

My child is in the infant room but I love that she's comfortable and has a routine everyday.

Kiddie Academy goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional early childhood education for all kids involved in their program. I am amazed daily with the new material my son comes home knowing and sharing with me and our family. Everyday you exceed our expectations as to what a day in the life of a pre-k child should be.

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