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March 1, 2021

Kiddie Academy’s® CampVentures® program turns your child’s ordinary summer into a summer of exciting exploration. It nurtures your child’s development by expanding on the Life Essentials® curriculum and helping to make connections to the world around them. CampVentures inspires imagination through hands-on activities, field trips and themed events, while balancing individual needs and interests. CampVentures makes summer educational and fun, transforming it into an enjoyable and strong foundation for the future. From preschoolers through elementary school students, we use our Life Essentials® curriculum to reinforce lessons learned during the school year.

Focus: We allow your child to direct their learning to their interests.

The project-based approach allows children to select their own learning experience as they explore topics that interest them. Teachers are encouraged to follow each child’s lead as they plan activities, like creating an art gallery or preparing a museum. Each child will arrange a culminating event or project to show and celebrate their work. Activities: – Planting and tending a vegetable garden to learn how plants grow. – Learn the different parts of insects. Learn On®: Learning continues beyond the classroom. Here are some easy projects you can do to extend learning into your home. – Plant and tend a vegetable garden to learn how plants grow. – Use clay to make bug sculptures to learn the different parts of insects. Call or visit today! #summercamp #summercampnearme #preschool #childcare #daycare #KiddieAcademy #EducationalChildcare Tags: Summer Camp, Summer Camp near me, preschool, Childcare, daycare, daycare near me, Kiddie Academy, Educational Childcare, NAEYC summer camp.