Our commitment to the care, education and safety of your children is reflected in our team. We hire teachers and assistants who are well versed in the best practices of early childhood education. Each member of our team nurtures each child in their care in a safe, supportive learning environment. Team members receive ongoing training to continue their education and are evaluated throughout the year. Our team excels at stimulating children to learn and preparing them for future education. Our team is devoted to making each day fun and educational. Their dedication makes all the difference for your children.

Jill and George Malanga


The owners, Jill & George Malanga, have owned the Kiddie Academy in Sparta for almost 20 years. Mr. Malanga has his Masters Degree in Education and has taught for over 25 years. Mrs. Malanga has a strong business background which includes overseeing many Nutri-System locations. Combined, the pairs knowledge of education and business have led to great success. The Malangas believe in the importance of being on-site owners, working hand in hand with the school's administrators to maintain high level standards.

Rosemarie Stone "Roe"


Miss Roe is one of our two directors in the building.  She has been with Kiddie Academy since 2001, a member of the Sparta family since May 2011.  She has been promoted to director after 13 years as assistant director here and at other Kiddie Academy locations.  Prior to her moving up to the office, Miss Roe spent several years as an infant room teacher.  She is the glue that keeps our KA family puzzle together.  Miss Roe works hand in hand with the teachers to keep the classrooms full of both academic and social learning. She encourages many activites that promote self esteem and pride for the children. She believes there should be a balance between child and teacher initiated activities in the classroom.  She is friendly and approachable and the staff & families all love her!

Dana Romash

Miss Dana has been with the Kiddie Academy family since 2002. First at the Chester center where she taught kindergarten and worked in every age group, next at the Wantage school where she headed up the two year old classroom and where she was awarded the Kiddie Academy Teacher of the Year award in 2010. Miss Dana joined the Sparta team in 2014 and spent time with both Dolphins as an assistant and Sea Turtles as the lead before taking over the Starfish classroom. In 2017 Miss Dana was promoted to Co-Director alongside Miss Roe. Miss Dana loves to turn every moment into a teachable one and spends part of her time up front reviewing the curriculum for the classrooms in the building.

Our fabulous office staff!

Meet the KA Family

The faculty at Kiddie Academy of Sparta are well seasoned.  Many employees have been with the school from five to ten years or better.  The faculty is certified in both CPR & First Aid.  The teachers have a genuine love for what they do and work great as a team.  Many seasoned faculty members take the new staff under their wing and show them the ropes while they settle in at the school.  We have quite a diverse faculty, each member of our team having unique abilities.

Miss Marinette, our closing administrator, is also our French and Spanish teacher.  She visits each of our Preschool classrooms periodically to give language instruction.  She has been with us since September 2004.  Miss Marinette is also so creative and usually heads up any decorating that is needed in our school.  She helps give the school such a warm and comfy feeling!  Many of our teachers also help in so many ways, and it's nice to give them room to use their abilities to help make our school such a great place.

New to our administration staff, but not new to the Kiddie Academy family, Miss Jena joined us in April to help keep our busy school running smoothly. Miss Jena comes to us with a degree in Education and History and is a wonderful addition to the front office staff.

When not in the Stingray classroom, Miss Candida spends her mornings running our kitchen for us and preparing all the meals we serve here at the school.  She adds that special ingredient, love, to all she does. 


Cheryl & Kate

Miss Cheryl McLoughlin is our Infant Teacher.  Miss Cheryl has been with our school since February 1997! Miss Cheryl is a certified teacher and has attended many trainings thoughout her career here at Kiddie Academy. She is very knowledgable in the ever changing field of Early Childhood Education.  Patience and love are the keys to helping the babies to reach each of their milestones!

Miss Kate is the assistant teacher in the Beluga room. She joined us in November of 2017.  Her quiet confidence and patience make her a welcome addition to our baby room where our smallest friends need lots of love and care.


Laureen, Stephanie & Erica

Our younger toddler classroom is led by Miss Laureen. She has been a part of the Kiddie Academy family since September 2016. Miss Laureen can usually be found patiently answering the many questions that toddlers have! She comes to us with many years of childcare experience, has her CDA and has also spent time as an administrator.  She loves to share her science and crafty knowledge with her class, and they can often be found up to their elbows in messy fun. 

Her assistant, Miss Stephanie has been part of the Kiddie Academy family for many years and joined our teaching staff not too long ago. She does a great job keeping the class running smoothly. The afternoon assistant for the Blowfish is Miss Erica. She enjoys spending time with our little learners and helping them explore their environment in a safe, fun way.


Meagan and Barrie-Ann

Our older toddler classroom is led by Miss Meagan. She has been working tirelessly on her CDA and has recently been promoted from the assistant teacher in the Turtle class to lead in Penguins. She does a fantastic job with our older toddlers. Miss Barrie-Ann is the assistant in the Penguin class. She has been with the KA family for a couple years now and helps keep Penguins running smoothly.


Mary and Marissa

Miss Mary is the lead teacher in our Sea Turtles class. She has has been with us since September 2014.  She has an abundance of patience and enjoys watching the children learn and explore on their own.

Miss Marissa helps out in the Seaturtle class and has a ton of positive energy that is essential with this age group. She has been with every classroom helping out so she knows all the kids in the building as well.


Kim and Gabby
Our Seahorse class is led by Miss Kim. She came to us in October 2018 with many years of public school experience and has done a wonderful job taking over the Seahorse classroom. Miss Kim loves to be crafty and creative with her kids and there is always music or a story happening in the classroom. The assistant in the Seahorse class is Miss Gabby. She came to us from the Kiddie Academy of Totowa with lots of experience and an education degree.


Marie, Donna L and Candida

Miss Marie is the Lead Teacher in our Stingray Classroom.  She has her CDA certification and has been with us since August 2008.  Miss Marie is extremely creative and loves letting the children get messy while exploring.  Miss Marie believes in the importance of helping the children learn to communicate.  She encourages independence to help build self-confidence and teaches children to share and help each other.

Miss Donna L is the morning assistant in the Stingray room.  Miss Donna joined us from the Kiddie Academy in Wantage in the fall of 2014 after working at the other center for several years.

Miss Candida is the afternoon assistant. She joined us from another childcare center in October of 2016 and has her CDA.  Miss Candida loves to get down with the children and help them explore. 


Dana and Sally
Miss Dana is currently covering as lead in the Dolphin classroom. While not in the room, Miss Dana can be found at the front desk to assist with keeping the building running smoothly. The assistant in the Dolphin classroom is Miss Sally. She has many years experience in the child care field and has even previously run her own center. She is a great assest to the classroom and the children all adore her.


Ashley M
Miss Ashley M is the lead in the Lobter classroom. She is working on her education degree while also running a tight ship in the Lobster room. She has lots of great ideas that she loves to share with her students and they are thriving under her care.

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