Finding our roots

August 26, 2014

Children often need to feel a sense of belonging while navigating this thing called life. After all, it’s hard being a kid! Learning about your family history is a fun and rewarding task for both parents and children alike. It also provides an opportunity for communication and quality time with your kids while helping them form a connection with their past.

From grandma’s stories to reliving the 20th century in photographs, there are many ways to teach your kids about their history. provides a few fun ideas in promoting a legacy to respect:

  • Visit relatives, old and new. Hearing stories about what life was like before your children were born helps them connect to the past. This connection brings generations together and establishes strong family bonds.
  • Tell stories about your own life. Open your youngsters’ minds by introducing them to different experiences through your own adventures. The more animated you are, the more excited they’ll be to hear it!
  • Share heirlooms. Whether it’s your great-grandmother’s necklace, or an uncle’s favorite baseball hat, little kids will take delight in holding something that once belonged to their ancestors.
  • Encourage your kids to document their own history. Kids can create their own journals and scrapbooks to look back on one day. This will be a neat tradition for years to come.

Understanding about their family history gives children of all ages a sense of their place in the grand scheme of things. To help your little ones learn where all their wisdom came from, Kiddie Academy has created a fun family history activity just in time for Grandparents Day! Download for free here: Family Tree Activity.

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