Tag, you’re it!

July 2, 2013

It’s hard to believe that decades ago I was lined up in my parents backyard playing “Red Light, Green Light” with all the neighborhood kids. There’s something about summer that brings out my internal flashlight tag-playing, hopscotch-loving self. Ah, to be a kid again…

Now that summer is officially here and my husband will be home with the kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and play some games. I know he’ll jump at the idea and be ready for some action. He’s a guy after all!

Geek Dad lists 30 classic outdoor games for simple outdoor play. Some of my favorites are:

  • Hide and Seek – I mean, come on! Who didn’t play this game? Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy this one. The best is when the smaller kids hide in the open, yet think they’re invisible. Adorable.
  • Simon Says – Bring out the leader in your child by playing this popular game. It’s a great way to teach kids listening skills, discipline and leadership. It can also be played virtually anywhere: in the car, taking a walk, grocery shopping, you name it! Bonus!
  • Red Rover – What an adrenaline rush! Running full speed toward a line of people with one goal…breaking the barrier!
  • Capture the Flag – Nothing says teamwork like capture the flag! This classic will be sure to get your feet moving and your mind racing. Will you be captured? Freed from jail? How will you get past the enemies guarding your flag? Run fast, because you’ll need to!

Now grab your family and get outside! Be a kid again…you know you want to!

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