Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp for Kids

May 30, 2012

Educator and working mom Renee Thompson, who also serves as director of curriculum for Kiddie Academy, offers the following tips for choosing the right summer camp for your child.

  • Send your child to college.  Many community colleges and universities offer summer camp programs that will give your child a taste of campus life, including building a schedule.
  • Consider childcare providers.  Some facilities boost their programs with traditional camp activities over the summer.  This is a great choice if you have more than one child, as they accept more than one age group.
  • Sneak in continuing education.   Look for programs that combine educational enrichment with fun activities.  At a great program, your kids won’t even notice they’re building on school skills.
  • Consider the kids’ perspective.  Don’t forget – to your kids, this is vacation time.  Ask for their input, and consider their interests when choosing programs.
  • Keep your needs in mind.  Extended hours are important to busy two-working-parent families.  You may have to rule out some camps that simply don’t fit with your work schedule.
  • Take an informal survey.  Ask your child’s friends about their favorite camps.  You might learn of new options.
  • Try something new.  Summer camps give children a chance to explore their abilities and learn new skills.  Camp can allow your child to sample a new hobby before committing to six months of (dance/music/martial arts) lessons.
  • Team up with a friend.  Choose camps along with the parents of one or two of your child’s friends.  Your child will have a built-in buddy at camp, and you’ll have someone to share pick up and drop off duties.

 “Summer camp programs can help your children test their boundaries socially, physically, mentally and emotionally.  The more relaxed atmosphere of a summer program helps open children up to new experiences. The right program can help a child develop leadership skills and a sense of independence, which are important building blocks for future academic and personal success.”

 About Kiddie Academy’s Summer Program

 The summer day camp program at Kiddie Academy, called “Camp Adventure,” offers age-appropriate programs for children ages one through 12. Structured around the organization’s Life Essentials curriculum, the program offers fun-filled events, special guests and field trips along with physical and creative activities.  Camp Adventure is designed to help build character, grow self-confidence and reinforce school skills.


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