Staying Healthy and Fit by Moving and Grooving!

Dancing is a fun way to engage your family in a healthy dose of groovy exercise! And while the physical activity of dance is an appealing alternative to traditional exercise, there are many other developmental attributes including mental, social, creative, and language benefits! If you are wondering when your child will start marching to the…

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When You Forget the Baby Wipes

Parenting tends to come with its own unique set of rites of passage. Some would argue to say that you aren’t truly a parent until you’ve been under the pressure of running out of baby wipes during a massive diaper blowout in a public bathroom, with limited resources and even…

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Cheat Sheet to Building a Library for Your Baby

Parents hear all the time how important it is to have books at home and read them, even if a listening infant can't make out the words or understand the story. Reading aloud to young children is an important part of fostering their love for books, promoting early literacy, and expanding…

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Top Five Lullabies to Sing Along to From Your Mobile Device

An article from USAToday recently shared the results from a study that about one in four parents is using a mobile device to put their young children to sleep at night. In fact, the study revealed 28 percent of parents said they use a mobile device to put their children…

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Talking to Your Kids, Without the Cooing

Last Friday, we shared a link from The Break Womb YouTube Channel of a skit the comedian moms performed to show us what it would look like “if moms talked to each other the way they talk to their kids.” We all got a good laugh. Who hasn’t admired a…

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