Character Education

A family playing at the skating rink in winter.
Teaching Your Child Perseverance

A week ago at my son’s hockey practice (he’s five), I witnessed an older boy (around 10) come off the ice and meet his dad who promptly directed him to sit on the bleachers so they could take his equipment off and go home (pretty standard practice). After the long…

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February Resolutions in Respect

Did you make New Year's resolutions at the beginning of January only to have them already fallen by the wayside? Even with the best intentions, long-term resolutions can be a struggle to keep up with and most will cast them away in the first two weeks of the New Year…

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Introducing a 12-Month Character Calendar for Kids

Last year, we tried to prepare you for another great year of raising amazing kids with parenting resolutions for 2016 that encouraged better listening, more thoughtful meal planning, mindfulness and kindness towards our children. We also shared the best character traits parents could nurture in their children during the Chinese…

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Exploring our neighbors

Exploration is a fun way for kids to fill up the summer months once school is out. But finding ways to explore with your kids is another ballgame. Parents and children young and old can relate to their town or neighborhood, so why not take the opportunity to explore it…

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A moment of laughter

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to laugh out loud? Laughter is fun, makes us feel good and can bring out the best in people. I guess that’s why they say laughter is the best medicine, right? Humor can brighten our lives on a daily basis. When…

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