Character Education

Helping children learn values that will help them become good citizens. Ideas from the Character Essentials curriculum from Kiddie Academy.

Introducing the Kiddie Academy Character EssentialsSM Curriculum

Character education matters. If you have any doubts about that, pick up a newspaper or watch a few minutes of the nightly news. We live in a world where teaching children to grow up to be caring, feeling adults is sorely needed. At Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, character education…

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Teaching Your Child about Loyalty

Loyalty is the Kiddie Academy Character Education trait for the month of August. As with all our featured traits, loyalty is an important lesson to learn. But sometimes circumstances can make it a complicated quality to teach. “Loyalty is the feeling of devotion or faithfulness we have toward our family…

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Make Time for Playtime

As well-meaning parents, we want to make sure we’re providing every opportunity we can for our children to learn. In doing so, we sometimes inadvertently pack our children’s schedules so full that there’s little time left for them to just be kids and play. A report published in August 2018…

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What Parents Think About Pride

As we posted recently, Kiddie Academy’s featured Character Education trait in July is Pride. We were curious to find out what parents do to instill a sense of pride, self-esteem and encouragement in their children. So, we decided to commission a national survey1 of over 1,000 parents to get their…

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Teaching Your Child Pride

We celebrate Independence Day every year because we feel proud to be Americans. It presents us with a perfect opportunity to focus on pride, our featured Character Education trait for July. “We feel proud when we achieve a goal or receive recognition for a job well done,” says Richard Peterson,…

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