When Your Kid Rolls Off

There are about one million results that appear in searching “when your baby rolls off the bed” on Google, ranging from health articles about how serious a little bump on the head can be, to what danger signs to look for post-fall and how to forgive yourself from the aching…

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When Your BFF's Kids Are Rude

Most parents have found themselves in an embarrassing moment with misbehaving children at one point or another, but what do you do when your kids are behaving and it’s your best friend’s youngster raising Cain? It’s easy to dole out discipline to your own kids when they’re behaving badly, but…

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When Your Kid Cuts His Own Hair

What would you do if you walked into a room only to find a pile of your little one’s beautiful locks in a clump on the floor and your toddler standing over them with scissors, having just given herself a fresh clipping? “I’d cry,” said Kiddie Academy’s Director of Marketing…

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Complete Our Summer Technology Missions!

By now, you've seen a few of the Summer Missions we developed to take the guesswork out of your summer “fun list” by giving you a checklist of awesome activities to do with your kids before autumn days move in. Each set of 15 missions is organized under a pillar from Kiddie…

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Complete Our Summer Missions Before School Starts!

August is here, but there is still plenty of the sunny season ahead for completing missions of adventure and fun with your kids. When you start wondering how you’ll spend the rest of summer with your family in a way that is exciting, educational and also fun, it can be…

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