Kiddie Academy Celebrates National Reading Awareness Month!
One Book Two Book, Red Book Blue Book--Celebrating National Reading Awareness Month

            Students and educators across the nation are celebrating the National Education Association's National Reading Awareness Month in March. Kiddie Academy of Abingdon pre-school students have been studying various authors and sharing ways they celebrate their favorites leading up to this nationally recognized celebration. On March 2nd, led by…

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Kiddie Academy_Valentine's Day Blog_2018
A Valentine's Dinner Game Your Family Will LOVE!

Meal and snack time at Kiddie Academy are terrific times to teach our students good manners, sharing and engaging in conversation at family style dining tables. This Valentine's Day, we are offering you a fun activity to add a little extra love at your family dinner table. Gather your loved ones to…

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Bring Story Time to Life with Dress Up

Halloween is an exciting time for kids to dress up like their favorite characters! There are simple ways we can keep that excitement alive throughout the year by incorporating dress up into fun lessons for any topic! Kiddie Academy early childhood educational experts share ways to incorporate fun learning using costumes and props! Educational creativity…

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Lessons in Gingerbread House Construction

Saturday, Dec. 12 is National Gingerbread House Day, a national celebration paying homage to the tasty brown sugar-molasses-cinnamon-ginger treat, whose sturdy composition makes for great gingerbread house-building. It is believed the original idea for a gingerbread house came from the tale of Hansel and Gretel, who were lured into a…

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Grandparents Day - Free Downloadable

Grandparents are important to children in so many ways. If you’re lucky enough to have known your grandparents growing up, then you’re likely to agree they are the best. They ALWAYS have patience and are ready to play or offer treats.  Grandparents also have the best stories to tell, and…

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