Easy and age appropriate activities and ideas for holidays with your family.

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Happy Father’s Day From Kiddie Academy!

Which Dad of Quarantine Are You? 2020 has been a weird year so far... and Father’s Day is a little bit different than usual, too. While in previous years, we’d willingly have big cookouts or even go to a ball game with our dads, we’re coming off of, any in some…

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earth day activities for kids
Earth Day Activities For All Ages

Protecting and preserving our Earth is a global initiative but it starts locally. This Earth Day, join fellow Kiddie Academy community members in celebrating our commitment by participating in these activities you can do at home with the whole family. These activities align with our Life Essentials® curriculum and support…

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Valentine's Day Activity
Delight Your Kids With This Easy Valentine's Day Craft

Everybody loves to feel loved. When your child knows he or she is loved, it helps them develop the confidence and security they need for proper emotional development. Valentine’s Day presents a perfect opportunity to tell your children you love them, and we’ve got a simple, Instagram-worthy activity you can…

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Olympic rings
2020: A Leap, Olympics, Election

Just about every four years, something special happens and 2020 happens to be one of those years. It’s a year when we have a Leap Day, a Summer Olympics and a U.S. presidential election. This presents great opportunities to talk to your kids about a wide variety of subjects related…

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Kiddie Academy food drive
We Are Kind

We Are Kind is our December Character EssentialsSM curriculum theme. But at Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, kindness isn’t limited to just one month out of the year. Character education, in general, is a year-round priority. We believe that focusing on values like kindness, empathy, patience, pride and other traits…

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