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Survey: Your Favorite Educational Apps

Did you know 38 percent of children under two have used a tablet or mobile device? You might be sharing your love of technology with your little ones at bedtime, but how are you and your kids finding and using apps that make screen time with these tech devices more…

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Kiddie Academy’s “educational child care” In the News…

In support of Kiddie Academy’s growing footprint, and in honor of the company’s first Baltimore City franchise, a story was recently pitched to the media to highlight Kiddie Academy’s unique educational child care model and how we work to implement it across our network of franchises. The pitch resulted in…

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Everyone remembers their first day of school and feeling the excitement of showing off new clothes and gear to friends. But how many of us can look back without a good laugh (or cringe) when we see our style and how much its evolved over the years? Don't worry, that…

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Literacy is everywhere

There are many things that you do every day, probably without even thinking about them, which promote early literacy at home. Research shows that when families support their children’s learning, they are more likely to succeed in school. What can you do to help the development of your child’s literacy…

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Gearing up for Kindergarten

The preschool years go by fast, don’t they? If your child's preschool years are coming to an end, your thoughts are probably turning toward kindergarten. With that comes many mixed emotions, for both you and your child. Kindergarten can set the stage for a child’s entire school career, which is…

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