Moff Band Review by the Kiddie Academy Social Team

  Studies show that kids with a healthy imagination are happier, often more independent, and are ready to adapt and acclimate quickly to new situations and challenges. Imagination can bring forth a childlike energy within us inspiring spontaneity and creativity. Ingenuity and innovation are often the results of nurturing the…

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Cinco de Mayo Moff Band Giveaway!

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Kiddie Academy is offering an exclusive Moff Band giveaway made possible by Moff, the makers of the award-winning kids’ wearable Moff Band. Kiddie Academy is giving away a select number of Moff Bands, a wearable smart toy that enables kids to play games and make…

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Coloring: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Amazon’s best-sellers list is full of them. They’re the hottest item on display at Barnes and Noble. It’s on every woman’s Christmas list: coloring books. Not just your run-of-the-mill, animated Disney Princess scenes either, but beautiful, complex, intricate and entrancing black and white pattern illustrations inviting adults to relax, “relieve…

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Everyone remembers their first day of school and feeling the excitement of showing off new clothes and gear to friends. But how many of us can look back without a good laugh (or cringe) when we see our style and how much its evolved over the years? Don't worry, that…

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Back to School

Hey summer, where the heck did you go?  As summertime quickly comes to a close, so do the days of relaxed schedules and routines for me and my kids. Yes, I'm glad my little ones will get back to learning on a daily basis but there's just something about summer…

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