Bringing home baby

As a mother of two, I have experienced the bliss (and utter craziness) of bringing home a newborn baby before. In fact, as I prepare to bring home my third baby in a matter of weeks, one would think I’m prepared. A seasoned pro. A baby whisperer. But can I…

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The Best Source for Your Parenting Problems? Other Moms

Searching for the solution to your teething infants’ sore gums? Baffled by your toddler’s refusal to use the toilet? Wondering if it’s normal for your preschooler to change outfits several times a day? You just might find the answer to these and other parenting puzzlers by going straight to an…

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Because the Little Things Add Up: Saving Money on Work-Related Purchases

Ever feel like you can’t earn money fast enough to support all the purchases that get you through the work week—like professional clothes, transportation, child care costs and those must-have caffeine boosters? If so, try these cost-cutting strategies. Sign up for a flexible spending account (FSA). A FSA helps defray…

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The Barber

When one thinks of a child’s first haircut (or any haircut for that matter), they often associate a professional environment with few tears, lots of laughs and maybe a lollipop or two to sweeten the deal. But how many parents have encountered the barbershop at home?  I’m talking about when…

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Responsibility…it’s not just for adults

Whether you've always been a rule-follower, or like to live on the wild side, being a responsible person is something of value. In order to teach our kids what’s right, we need to be their first and best role model. Being a responsible person means that people can rely on…

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