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Child Playing Baseball
7 Etiquette Tips for Parents of Little-Leaguers

Major League Baseball (MLB) hosted Opening Day 2017 the first week of April, as per annual tradition. Opening Day marks the day on which professional baseball leagues begin their regular season. Little Leagues across the country, however, host their own opening day festivities throughout the month of April. There’s really nothing cuter…

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Things to do in Spring
10 Things To Do With Your Kids This Spring

As April begins, families are ready to welcome longer days of sunshine and warm weather, along with spending more time outside. Many school-age children are also on spring break at the beginning of April and looking to head outdoors during the downtime from school. As temperatures start to rise, families…

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CampVentures® Event Hosted at over 100 Academies

On April 1 over 100 Kiddie Academies across the country hosted the first annual CampVentures® event. Academies welcomed over 1,000 families to participate in a variety of summer camp inspired activities including: Science experiments Sports clinics Nature activities Arts & crafts Music & dancing Bubble fun Face painting This annual…

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Tips for Backyard Camping with Kids

Short and simple: the easiest place to camp? Your own backyard.  Here’s what you’ll need: Camping Equipment Food and Snacks Games and Activities Personal Belongings Ground Rules Step 1: Plan your camp out: As a parent, you should plan on either making a lot of trips outside to tend to…

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Creative Mom-Approved Playdate Ideas

Every day when I pick up my 4-year-old son from school, he runs up to me asking if the friend he’s playing with at the time can come over. “When can Steven come over?” “When can Ryan come over?” “When can Sammy come over?” “Mommy, do you still talk to…

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