Tips and Information from Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care to help you be the best parent you can be for your children.

Kiddie Academy mom holding baby
What Does It Mean to Be on a Child Care Waitlist?

Child care availability – especially when it comes to high-quality educational child care – often can be elusive. Especially now, when lingering COVID-19 restrictions have placed capacity limits on many facilities. The search for reliable, high-quality child care takes time. You do all the research, take the tours and finally…

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Should My Child Learn Spanish? 

At Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, we like to say, “Community begins here.” We could also say it in Spanish - “Comunidad comienza aquí” - and mean the same thing. If you were raised in a household or area where English was the primary language, you may wonder why your…

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How to Choose Child Care When You Can’t Tour

A Comprehensive Virtual Tour Guide One convenience born out of the pandemic is the growing availability of virtual tours. Whether you’re unable to personally visit a child care facility because of coronavirus precautions or any other reasons, many Kiddie Academy locations and other child care facilities now provide you with…

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Parenting in a Pandemic: “The Kids Really Needed Socialization”

“We made the decision to pull the kids from daycare, because we just felt like that was in the best interest of everybody at that time, not knowing anything about what was actually going to happen and what was going on and who it affects and all those types of…

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Fun Parent Ideas
Parenting in a Pandemic: Working from Home with Three Boys Under the Age of Four

We recently asked parents of Kiddie Academy students what life was like for their families during the pandemic. Not surprisingly, it’s been tough for everyone. We found some common themes in our conversations with parents with young children. First, everyone’s lives were turned upside-down. Second, parents are strong and resourceful…

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