Parenting Tips

Talking to Your Kids, Without the Cooing

Last Friday, we shared a link from The Break Womb YouTube Channel of a skit the comedian moms performed to show us what it would look like “if moms talked to each other the way they talk to their kids.” We all got a good laugh. Who hasn’t admired a…

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Gearing up for Kindergarten

The preschool years go by fast, don’t they? If your child's preschool years are coming to an end, your thoughts are probably turning toward kindergarten. With that comes many mixed emotions, for both you and your child. Kindergarten can set the stage for a child’s entire school career, which is…

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Kiddie Academy Earth Day Contest

As a working mom, I often find myself leaning towards convenience. What’s the most convenient dinner option? What’s the most convenient cleaning tool? You get the idea. Usually while striving for convenience I often overlook environmental factors. This is typically because I’m looking for the best deal, whether it be…

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Kids' Party Ideas: Reading and Bookworm Party Themes

What better way to encourage and support the little readers in your family than to host a reading-themed party?  You can use your child’s favorite book, or an overall library book theme as a starting point.  Here are a few ideas for kids' party ideas with a literary theme. (See…

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Reading Books to Children

Reading to our kids is a good thing - but did you know there are specific advantages your toddler or preschool-age child can receive by being exposed to it on a consistent basis? As a parent, you have the power to boost your children's learning potential simply by making books…

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