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9 Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Day

So we get an extra day in February during a Leap Year. But, it’s not like we get ten extra days. With only one extra day, we still have to make the most of our time and resources to get our to-do lists done in 24 hours, which never seems…

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Four Super Bowl Moments You Can Use to Teach Your Kids

With an estimated 189 million viewers expected to watch Super Bowl 50 this Sunday night (that’s one out of every three Americans), kids won’t have many other choices for entertainment during the game. They’ll likely be watching the game alongside mom and dad, or at least, play nearby. In between…

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Are You a Super Bowl Baby?

Data suggests that nine months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births. With that gem of information, the NFL sought out to create a commercial for this year’s Super Bowl that embraced nostalgia and also had an optimistic look to the future. The resulting Super…

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How to Join Our Exclusive Parent Polling Group

Studies show that parental involvement in schools affects student achievement as they earn higher grades, boost test scores and even improve social skills. To make sure parental involvement has an impact on education and learning opportunities at Kiddie Academies nationwide, we’re forming an exclusive advisory and polling community of parents…

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Your One Word Theme

Most people make up New Year’s Resolutions because of peer pressure or societal influence, without ever really resolving to do anything meaningful or significant. This year, Kiddie Academy crowdsourced a list of New Year’s Resolutions from parents full of inspiration for moms and dads to make 2016 even better than…

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