Tips and Information from Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care to help you be the best parent you can be for your children.

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Working + Parenting + Teaching From Home: A Guide

Working from home can be challenging enough but throw kids into the mix and it can be nearly impossible to stay productive. If the thought of potentially working from home with your children for an extended period of time feels overwhelming, we’ve got your back. Our team collected the best…

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Things You'd Never Thought You'd Say As A Parent

As a parent, have you ever found yourself in a situation when words leave your mouth and you then think to yourself, "did I really just say that?" But, here we are, in our adult years, doing our best at this thing called parenting, shouting lines like these across the…

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We Get Along

English: Together Spanish: Juntos (HUN-tos) American Sign Language: Curl fingers into fists, holding thumbs in the air. Touch fingers together and move in a circle in front of your body. When you open a box of crayons you see a lot of items inside that are kind of alike. They’re…

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Our Favorite Holiday Book Picks

Spending quality family time during the holidays is a gift unto itself. You can make it even more special by setting aside some of that time to read with your children. There is no shortage of terrific holiday-themed books to choose from. We asked our Kiddie Academy family for some…

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Travels Tips from Kiddie Academy Parents

Sharing experiences is often the best way to learn. With this being a time of year when so many people are traveling, we recently asked our Kiddie Academy corporate colleagues to share their experiences of lessons learned from traveling with their children. Here are their tips to help make your…

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