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At Kiddie Academy, we love it when we can make learning fun. If you’re having trouble reading the headline for this post, well, that’s the point. It’s written in code. People write in code when they want a message to be secret or hard to read. You can make coded…

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Geology Rocks at Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care

> The young girl in the video above LOVES rocks. She simply can’t get enough rocks. You might even say she digs them – literally. Her intense interest in rocks was sparked when she learned about them at her Kiddie Academy and it followed her home. That’s our goal at…

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Get ready for STEM Adventures with an Experiment You Can Do at Home

It’s time again for Kiddie Academy’s STEM Adventures! To get your family ready for fun with learning about science, technology, engineering and math, here’s an activity you can do at home. It’s called, “Sink or Float.” The activity was recently done at Kiddie Academy of Abingdon in Maryland. The teachers…

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Explore STEM at Home | Create Shooting Stars Activity

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. At Kiddie Academy, our educators tap into that sense of wonder and discovery with STEM Challenges (STEM is an integrated approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Kiddie Academy’s STEM activities are designed to foster critical thinking and inquiry skills through hands-on, play-based, cooperative experiences…

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Halloween Spooky Science and Safety Tips

There’s no trick to making your Halloween a treat. With a little planning, you can build in some safe and fun activities to amuse your kids and teach them a little science at the same time. Download your FREE guide to Spooky Science Experiments!   Where does a ghost do…

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