All about Kiddie Academy’s CampVentures program. Easy and age appropriate activities and ideas for a fun-filled summer with your children.

From Planting to Picking: Tips for Making Your Garden a Family Affair this Spring

Playing in the dirt with your children can yield a bumper crop of benefits! Spring weather can be unpredictable, but there is one thing you can count on: more hours of sunlight each day. And, according to the child care experts at Kiddie Academy, that makes April and May great months…

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Kid-Friendly Burger Recipes for National Hamburger Day

Sunday, May 28 marks National Hamburger Day. From triple-stacked and cheese-stuffed to sliders and quarter-pounders, these patty cakes are growing in popularity and often overflowing with toppings like bacon, caramelized onions, fried green tomatoes and an assortment of different cheeses. Many burger recipes have even coined their own namesakes like…

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CampVentures® Event Hosted at over 100 Academies

On April 1 over 100 Kiddie Academies across the country hosted the first annual CampVentures® event. Academies welcomed over 1,000 families to participate in a variety of summer camp inspired activities including: Science experiments Sports clinics Nature activities Arts & crafts Music & dancing Bubble fun Face painting This annual…

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Take Our Summer Camp Survey!

Would you rather see Simone Biles as your child's camp counselor, or Lady Gaga? We're sharing a fun survey to gain new insights about how you make decisions regarding the summer camp your child attends. Please take a moment to help us learn more about your family's summer camp research and…

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Complete Our Summer Technology Missions!

By now, you've seen a few of the Summer Missions we developed to take the guesswork out of your summer “fun list” by giving you a checklist of awesome activities to do with your kids before autumn days move in. Each set of 15 missions is organized under a pillar from Kiddie…

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