Using Technology at Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care

Playing virtual soccer on a field projected on the floor. Learning about bones by exploring X-rays on a light table. It’s not unusual to see these activities in our Academies thanks to modern educational technology. “Technology has become ingrained in our everyday life,” said Kiddie Academy Vice President for Education…

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Make Sure Screen Time is Quality Time

Look around right now and chances are you’ll see many people with their eyes glued to some sort of screen. And yes, that would include you, reading this post. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Screens are everywhere – on phones, tablets, computers and televisions. They’ve become valuable windows into…

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!nraeL ot ecalP nuF a si ymedacA eiddiK

At Kiddie Academy, we love it when we can make learning fun. If you’re having trouble reading the headline for this post, well, that’s the point. It’s written in code. People write in code when they want a message to be secret or hard to read. You can make coded…

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Tech Tips to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Going online can open doors to fun and learning for your children. But in these days of cyberbullying, online predators and inappropriate material, it’s enough to make any parent think twice about letting their child go on the Internet. However, with a little bit of planning and knowing what tech…

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Kiddie Academy® Launches STEM Adventures Events Nationwide

Kiddie Academy is offering a free community event, STEM Adventures, this spring to help children of all ages  and their parents learn about science, technology, engineering and math through age-appropriate, interactive activities.  Events will be hosted at more than 120 participating Kiddie Academy locations nationwide with engaging educational activities designed for families.…

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