Five Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance

When you’re a working parent, maintaining work-life harmony seems virtually impossible. The constant challenge of juggling career responsibilities with managing a family’s needs can pull you in a million directions. That means learning how to strike a healthy balance is extremely important for not only getting things done but also…

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Best Things Every Work-At-Home Mom Needs

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, 23 percent of employed adults do some or all of their job working from home. The many women who make a living working from home have popularized the “WAHM” (work-at-home-mom) acronym on Facebook or forums, and they’ve become masters at squeezing an…

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Summer Camp Conundrum

If you’re a working parent like me, you likely get stressed thinking about the end of the school year. What will my child do all day? Who will watch them? How will this affect my schedule? The list goes on. What I do know is that I want to provide…

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A Few Good Reasons to Feel Great about Child Care

Here are just a few key reasons why your decision to choose child care can be considered advantageous, now and later. Character builder.  Not only does exposing children to caregivers other than their parents help them to become well-rounded as they get older, it encourages them to be more flexible…

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When Daddy is the Better Mommy

I often catch myself thinking my husband’s a better Mommy than I am. In today’s society, it’s the norm for both parents to be working, but my scenario involves a spouse who teaches – and therefore has the luxury of more time off with our kids.  I’m both grateful and…

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