It's OK to want normalcy for your family
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We are here for your family in your return to normalcy, whatever that may look like.

At Kiddie Academy, we know children – how they learn and how to teach them to grow up in an ever-changing world, how to keep them safe and how to bring them into the folds of our loving community.

But we also know parents.

We know how much you love your children and how hard you work for your families.

We see thousands of families every single day, twice a day – at drop-off and pick-up. And we can tell that being a parent is harder now than ever before. That’s why we’re committed to being your partner in raising your child.

You have a lot on your mind.

If in 2020, you worked from home with kids underfoot or worked out of the home on the frontlines…

Or perhaps you were furloughed or have taken some time off to spend with your family…

No doubt you’re concerned about your child’s development, level of socialization, change in routine and learning.

And on top of everything else, your child’s health and wellness weighs heavily on your mind. With so much uncertainty in our world, let Kiddie Academy alleviate some of your biggest challenges and be a partner in your child’s safe, nurturing care and education.

A solution for parents

As busy and stretched thin as we are as parents, we hear all the time “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” And that advice has never been more true.

Many parents have continued to keep their children at home with them while continuing to work, but that comes with a cost – to your productivity, your physical energy and your mental wellbeing. In other words, keeping kids home and trying to do it all – care for them, become their full-time teacher (which is really hard, by the way) and playmate – it’s too much for parents to handle.

That’s in addition to all the other responsibilities you have as an adult, like working, taking care of your home, addressing the hundreds (or thousands) of tasks commonly defined as the “mental load,” and making sure to get enough of the ever-elusive “me time” to keep yourself sane.

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A solution for children

As a parent, you never stop doing what’s best for your children. For most parents living in today’s world, that means rebuilding our normal lives, making quick decisions and reevaluating as new information comes in. With kids out of school and child care for long stretches of time, many parents started to worry – what impact is the lack of educational child care going to have on my children’s behavior, mental health, mood, social skills and academic success?

If your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing is top-of-mind, you aren’t alone.

In a recent survey of Kiddie Academy parents, of those whose children were still attending, 52% said it was because they wanted their kids to continue having socialization opportunities. 47% said they wanted their children to continue having educational opportunities and 45% said it was important that their child stay in a routine.

Of those parents whose children were not currently attending Kiddie Academy, 97% of parents’ concerns had to do with missing socialization and education opportunities, getting out of a routine, too much screen time, not enough physical activity and falling behind developmentally.*

*Parents could choose more than one option in this survey question.

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How we’re prioritizing child care health and safety

At Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care, the health and safety of the children in our care, as well as our team members and families we serve, is our top priority. Learn more about Health Essentials at Kiddie Academy.

Kiddie Academy – your partner in “doing it all”

You don’t have to look very far to see you’re not alone in your struggle to parent during this unprecedented time. Tens of thousands of parents have entrusted us with their children, and whether they’re new to Kiddie Academy or have been part of our family for years – we’ve been integral to their ability to “do it all,” especially during a global health crisis.

Let Kiddie Academy be there for your family.

We know your decisions as parents are never easy – and they’ve become even more difficult over the past year. That’s why we take our responsibilities as educators, nurturers and partners in raising your child very seriously. Kiddie Academy locations are open, optimized for health and safety and help your family in your return to normalcy – so you can be the best parent you can. Start your journey with Kiddie Academy today.