For your convenience, we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding COVID-19 and the response from Kiddie Academy.

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How is Kiddie Academy preventing the spread of COVID-19?

The health and safety of families and teachers in our Academies is our top priority. Please be assured that we have communicated enhanced preventative measures to all of our Academies to help them keep their families and teachers safe. To learn more about what Kiddie Academy is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we invite you to read Health Essentials, our health and safety guide. This guide provides you with information on important issues such as our mask policy, social distancing, drop-off and pickup protocols, and dining procedures. These preventative measures include but are not limited to:

  • Screening families and visitors for symptoms prior to entering the Academy.
  • Continuing to implement proper handwashing procedures upon entry in the classroom and frequently throughout the day.
  • Enforcing our illness policy for both students and staff.
  • Symptom monitoring throughout the day.
  • Separating sick students and teachers who are exhibiting symptoms from others until they can go home.
  • Daily Health Check completed upon arrival.
  • Entrance temperature monitored.
  • Symptoms tracked using Academy Link®.
  • Rigorously implementing our three-step cleaning process (wash, rinse, disinfect) for toys and surfaces.
  • Removing and disinfecting mouthed toys immediately.
  • Regular laundering of soft items such as bedding, dress up items, puppets, etc.

What is the sick child policy at Kiddie Academy?

Families can find the sick child policy for their Kiddie Academy in their Parent Essentials Handbook.

Does Kiddie Academy have openings for critical or essential workers?

Kiddie Academies across the nation are working to support essential workers. If you are an essential worker looking for childcare, you can find your local Kiddie Academy here and get more information on openings and availability.

How does Kiddie Academy make decisions surrounding COVID-19?

Kiddie Academy is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. We are actively following guidelines from the CDC and partnering with local Health departments to make the best and safest decisions for our families and communities. We also routinely consult with our Health Advisor, Dr. Jason Goldstein.

Are Kiddie Academy teachers vaccinated?

Child care workers are considered eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in most states. Each Kiddie Academy location is independently owned and operated and will make their own decisions regarding vaccination protocol for staff. Regardless, staff will continue to follow the COVID-19 safety protocols currently in place to help stop the spread.

Can you tell me if my child’s teacher chose to receive the vaccination? Can you tell me which teachers have been vaccinated?

Because this is considered private medical information and very much a personal choice, your local Kiddie Academy is not able to share details on which teachers have chosen to receive the vaccine. However, we remain committed to supporting and a encouraging teachers and staff to receive the vaccine when they are ready to do so.

Will Kiddie Academy require children to be vaccinated?

We are not currently requiring children to be vaccinated for COVID-19.