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Kiddie Academy of Abingdon Earns National Accreditation

Local Early Learning Facility Recognized by Nation’s Leading Organization for Early Childhood Professionals ABINGDON, MD (November 13, 2017) — Kiddie Academy of Abingdon recently received national accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The recognition comes from the nation’s leading organization of early childhood professionals and less…

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Why Kids Lie - Raising an honest child

Poor Pinocchio. Can you imagine if our noses grew every time we lied about something? As parents, we recognize that lying is a part of society and comes in all different forms. We know that lies can weigh heavy on our hearts and have long-term consequences. We also know that…

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Talking Tragedy

There is too much hurt in the world today.  Fort Hood. Aurora. Sandy Hook. Boston. The nation's capital.  And now shopping malls. With nonstop news coverage regarding tragedy, parents are left questioning: What do we tell our kids? Having two kids under 3, I rarely think about how tragedy affects…

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Stop, Drop & Roll!

You know the drill - a fire alarm sounds and you make your way to the nearest exit. But would you know what to do if a fire started in your home? Would your kids? Toddlers and preschoolers are old enough to learn the basics of fire safety and should…

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A community of giving - Resolve to make a difference as a family in your community

Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about giving back. After all, kindness is free and makes everyone feel good! For busy parents who want to spend time with their kids while still contributing to their community, volunteering as a family is an ideal activity. Volunteering…

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Dinner in a Dash!

Sometimes (more like MOST times) I dread dinnertime. Since the day my daughter was born she was a picky eater. She even skipped the baby food stage until she could have solids, and even then she was selective. Now she’s almost three and still won’t try new things. It wasn’t…

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Getting involved in your child's education

September is National School Success month. A parent’s attitude toward school will always be reflected in your child. But how do you find time in your already-busy schedule to volunteer? It's okay… even the busiest parents can get involved in the classroom without spending time they don't have. Research has…

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Baby girl  chooses dress in parent's wardrobe
Dress for success!

Looking to streamline your morning routine now that school is back in session? Sometimes getting the kids dressed in the morning can feel like a wrestling match and take up more time than you have to spare. Toddlers are ready to start learning dressing skills around 24 months so set…

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Preschool Bully

  Just the other day I read a news article titled “J.C. Penney ad encourages bullying, some parents say.” Having two very young children, the topic of bullying has never really crossed my mind…yet. But, given the school year is upon us I wanted to see what all the excitement was about…

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