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Celebrate Grandparents Day on Sept. 9

Our printable family tree and list of questions your children can ask their grandparents will be a fun activity for your family this Grandparents Day (or any day). Download your Family Tree Template!   Your Guide To Creating A Family Tree with Your Child There’s an old saying that goes,…

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How to Prevent Separation Anxiety This Back-to-School Season

It’s that time of year again!! Back to school—when shopping for cool gear becomes a priority and prepping to meet teachers and making new friends becomes the norm. It’s also time to anticipate a few rough mornings, when parents and kids have a hard time saying goodbye. Back to school…

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Five Reasons to Explore Sensory Play

Sensory play is a simple but important concept for teaching children about the world.  We all had our first experience tasting a sour lemon, or holding a cold ice cube.  These are examples of sensory play – using the five senses to investigate your surroundings. Here are five reasons to…

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To the Moon and Back

Can you imagine landing on the moon? Something that looks so close yet is so far away? The United States got to experience what it would be like firsthand when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon July 20, 1969. As a child, there is a certain excitement…

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Teaching Pride to Shape Confident Kids!

We know that special moments happen constantly with children; we see it with your kids every day right here at Kiddie Academy! Kids experience success in big and little ways, whether it’s learning to tie a shoe, spell their name or multiply numbers for the first time.  During the month…

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The Barber

When one thinks of a child’s first haircut (or any haircut for that matter), they often associate a professional environment with few tears, lots of laughs and maybe a lollipop or two to sweeten the deal. But how many parents have encountered the barbershop at home?  I’m talking about when…

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Just in time for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and Kiddie Academy has the perfect gift for that special guy in your life! Whether you’re looking to save money, need a last minute gift idea or just want to tell Dad how much you appreciate him, Kiddie Academy has got you covered! We…

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How My Son Almost Missed Getting A Hulk Hand

It happened…already! My 21-month old son managed to fracture his wrist. My little one was jumping up and down on our couch when he landed on his hand. He cried for a minute or so, but then he went about his day and continued to play. Naturally I didn't think…

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Weighed Down by Household Chores? Unload some of the Burden…on your Spouse and Kids

Feel like you’re constantly battling loads of dirty laundry, piles of dirty clothes and rampant dust balls rolling through your house—alone? If so, you’ve actually got lots of company. Science has finally validated what women suspected all along: On average, females do far more housework than males. Results showed that…

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“I’m bored!”

Raise your hand if you’re a working parent who sends their kids to daycare? If you’re a part of this ever-growing group of families then you also know how weekend hours can be filled with ample family time that often results in two things: Parents who want to catch up…

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