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A Valentine's Dinner Game Your Family Will LOVE!

Meal and snack time at Kiddie Academy are terrific times to teach our students good manners, sharing and engaging in conversation at family style dining tables. This Valentine's Day, we are offering you a fun activity to add a little extra love at your family dinner table. Gather your loved ones to…

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Progress on Childhood Obesity

Hooray! The fight against childhood obesity is beginning to show results! According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the obesity rate among preschoolers declined by a statistically significant amount in 19 states and U.S. territories between 2008 and 2011. Thanks to government initiatives, like First…

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Planning a back-to-school fitness routine

Did you know that good physical health is a critical component of brain development? In fact, the American Heart Association recommends that children and adolescents participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, year-round. Health and fitness are integral parts of Kiddie Academy's Life…

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Preparing for Back to School Season

Schools out for summer! Err, wait…where the heck did summer go? If the thought of preparing your kids for going back-to-school raises your blood pressure, you’re not alone.  For many families, the month of August can be a rude awakening.  However, with a bit of planning and a few calming…

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The Art of sibling rivalry

I come from a large family. My parents were brave enough to have four children and still maintain their sanity.  Growing up, it was fun having so many kids in the house because if I was fighting with one of my siblings, I could always go play with someone else.…

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Back-to-school – how to be a tech-savvy parent

What's that you say? Your child is more tech-savvy than you? If you're in this predicament, don't worry you're not alone. But while your children are embracing technology before school starts, why not use it to your benefit too? Getting organized at the start of the school year is one…

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Vacation – all I ever wanted

Summer is here, which means my plus-size extended family travels to the “shore,” a two-hour road trip for a week-long getaway. That’s right folks – 22 people living the good life under one roof!  You’re probably thinking I’m bonkers; and I am, but it’s the only “vacation” I’ve ever known…

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Join us for Storytime LIVE!

Did you know that young children who are introduced to reading before preschool are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education? At Kiddie Academy, reading together is an essential part of preparing children for school and for life. That’s why select Kiddie Academy locations nationwide will…

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Tag, you’re it!

It’s hard to believe that decades ago I was lined up in my parents backyard playing “Red Light, Green Light” with all the neighborhood kids. There’s something about summer that brings out my internal flashlight tag-playing, hopscotch-loving self. Ah, to be a kid again… Now that summer is officially here…

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