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Child Playing Baseball
7 Etiquette Tips for Parents of Little-Leaguers

Major League Baseball (MLB) hosted Opening Day 2017 the first week of April, as per annual tradition. Opening Day marks the day on which professional baseball leagues begin their regular season. Little Leagues across the country, however, host their own opening day festivities throughout the month of April. There’s really nothing cuter…

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Take Our Summer Camp Survey!

Would you rather see Simone Biles as your child's camp counselor, or Lady Gaga? We're sharing a fun survey to gain new insights about how you make decisions regarding the summer camp your child attends. Please take a moment to help us learn more about your family's summer camp research and…

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Kiddie Academy to host DanceParty! in January

Kiddie Academy, a leader in education-based child care, will host its second annual DanceParty! event on Saturday, January 28 starting at 10 a.m. Kiddie Academy invites local children and their families to join this fun, free, indoor dance off. Attendees will learn an age-appropriate dance and then showcase their new…

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four traditions
4 Outside-The-Box Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions can happen anywhere. There are no rules, and sometimes, they just happen without any pre-planning at all. But if planning things out is more your style, here are a few holiday traditions you might be familiar with, or you can steal them for yourself (your secret is safe…

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Gentle Monthly Reminders for Parents: October

We know life gets busy. Between work, play, kids, dinner, family and your forever buzzing-smart phone, it can be a challenge to remember some of the other stuff. Stuff like what vegetables are in season, when’s your last chance to snag a Halloween costume and what activity would be good…

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When Your Child Starts Making Friends

There is almost nothing more precious than seeing your toddler make best buddies with his pals at school for the first time. Before the 21st century, sociologists actually claimed that toddlers in the 1 to 3 set were incapable of making social connections to develop actual friendships. But, research shows…

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When it’s Time to Meet Curious George in Person

Masks are extremely common in our everyday lives from carnivals and theme parks to cruise lines, sports games and even Storytime LIVE! at your local participating Kiddie Academy! Regardless of the prevalence of masks in society, some children can be really anxious or scared about meeting their first costumed character…

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When You Offer Your First Bribe

It usually happens when you least expect it. You’ve been saying for years you would never be that parent. But somewhere in between desperation and urgency with the foresight of a pending disaster, it slips out: your first bribe. “If you do what I ask, I’ll give you/take you/buy you…”…

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When You Forget the Baby Wipes

Parenting tends to come with its own unique set of rites of passage. Some would argue to say that you aren’t truly a parent until you’ve been under the pressure of running out of baby wipes during a massive diaper blowout in a public bathroom, with limited resources and even…

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When Your Kid Says a Curse Word

Are you one of those people who thinks it’s cute when kids slip up and say a bad word? If so, you’re not alone: one video montage of kids saying bad words on YouTube garnered 1.5 million views in 2012. Another titled “funny cursing kids” raked in more than 2…

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