2012 Annual Kiddie Academy Conference Recap – Families, SeaWorld and Snow

Q&A with Greg Helwig, President This year’s annual Kiddie Academy Conference was nothing short of memorable. We sat down with Kiddie Academy President, Greg Helwig, who spoke to us about the conference’s highlights. Q: What makes this event so important to the Kiddie Academy System? Greg Helwig: The real benefit and the feedback that we…

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Guest Blog with Kathy and Pam

This week’s guest bloggers, Pam and Kathy, are friends who started their own Kiddie Academy just over four years ago. The economy they faced was challenging, but Kathy and Pam share great business instincts and infectious positive energy.  Today they run a thriving center and they’re loving every minute of it.   Running our own business: …

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Buying vs. Leasing: The Case for Owning the Property for Your Franchise Business

Whether your still vetting franchise business opportunities or you’ve already chosen one, at some point you are going to have to decide whether to buy or lease the property it will live on.  Thinking about this aspect of the franchise process sooner, rather than later, will help you more thoroughly evaluate franchise concepts and begin…

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Getting More by Giving Back

Corporate professionals and business world academics have long debated the bottom-line merits of corporate social responsibility.  In the realm of large corporations trying to tackle issues on a scale with their company’s breadth, this debate can and will go on ad infinitum.  On the scale of a franchise business investing in a local issue in…

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3 Reasons to Be an Active Franchise Association Member

Organizations such as the International Franchise Association (IFA) help protect and support franchise owners and their businesses.  Whether you’re just starting out or already own multiple locations, staying an active member of franchise associations is valuable. Here’s how they benefit business owners: 1. Helping you get started: The IFA will help you ask all the…

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