The Services and Strategies Entrepreneurs Need to Grow Their Business

Being a successful entrepreneur is rarely a matter of luck. It’s most often the result of hard work and being smart about the strategies and services you use to help your business grow. If you’re a Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care franchisee, you don’t have to look far to find help. Our corporate support teams…

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The Science of Successful Leadership

Success isn’t based on a magic formula you can whip up in a laboratory. But, when a leader does things to create a positive culture in a workplace, there is indeed science that comes into play. Research done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that the neuroscience and chemical releases taking place in the…

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Kiddie Academy Recognized by Franchise Times Top 200+ for Biggest Jump in Sales in its Category

Kiddie Academy has been recognized in the Franchise Times Top 200+ rankings as posting the biggest sales gains among franchisors in the childhood learning category. Franchise Times Top 200+ is an annual exclusive ranking of the 500 largest US-based franchises, based on systemwide sales and units. Kiddie Academy’s overall ranking jumped 21 spots, to 222…

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Fund Your Franchise by Investing in Yourself

In a recent post on this blog, we explained how our finance team can assist you with the process of finding traditional third-party financing to buy your franchise. There are also less traditional options available that we can recommend, including reinvesting funds from a qualified retirement account to help finance your franchise. In short, you’re…

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Finding Franchise Financing That Works for You

Buying a franchise can be the best decision you’ll ever make, giving you a business you can call your own, offering you flexibility between work and personal life, and creating a financial legacy for your family. But, when you’re buying for the first time, or even when you’re expanding your business, the process for coming up with…

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