3 Reasons to Be an Active Franchise Association Member

Organizations such as the International Franchise Association (IFA) help protect and support franchise owners and their businesses.  Whether you’re just starting out or already own multiple locations, staying an active member of franchise associations is valuable. Here’s how they benefit business owners:

1. Helping you get started: The IFA will help you ask all the right questions and assess your options when picking a franchise. Even if you already know what business you’re interested in, they will help you make sure you’re investing in a reliable franchisor that will provide comprehensive support.

2. Keeping you involved: Franchise associations hold national conferences and conventions to help members stay on top of the changes that affect business owners. World-class speakers give insight and advice from their experiences to educate franchisees. From market strategies to leadership to technology, the topics are varied and important.

3. Supporting you nationally: The IFA has power over government policy making. From taxes to health care policies, the International Franchise Association advocates for the best interests of franchise business owners.


Franchising associations provide help and support, but the effort is mutual.  Becoming an active member of these organizations is one of the best ways to stay informed about the news in franchising. They work hard to help you help yourself by providing every tool to help your franchise thrive in a competitive market.

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