New trend – Americans are eating healthier!


As reported on the front page of today’s WSJ, Americans are eating healthier! Folks are wising up to the benefits of healthier diets. Restaurants are listening, too, improving their menus. And, isn’t it evident … my example is Chipotle. Every time I go to or by one of their restaurants, there is just a very long line of people waiting to place & get their order (and isn’t their food healthy?!).

The article does ponder if some of this eating healthy trend can be attributed to the economy. People are strapped for cash and eating in more. That seems plausible, but eating getting a McDonald’s meal can often be cheaper and more filling than eating fruits and vegetables . And, eating at fast food restaurants is incredibly convenient versus cooking at home. Nonetheless, cooking your own meals usually means lower calories and healthier meals.

We’d like to think that people are just getting smarter about eating. They hear the news about what’s unhealthy and how their health will be impacted. And, then there are those convenient apps to count those calories, record the diet, and provide feedback. These apps make it hard to escape the truth!

Don’t forget about those weight-loss centers! It’s gone beyond Weight Watchers. The radio, TV and internet shout the abundance of those advertisements.

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