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Congratulations to Kiddie Academy of Framingham

Congratulations to Kiddie Academy of Framingham on their Grand Opening ceremony this past weekend! The event was a big success and included a ribbon cutting,  face painting, a juggler and plenty of arts and crafts.

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Corporate Leaders to open a Kiddie Academy® Child Care Center

Taisha and Deepak Vazirani met while working as Financial Managers at AT&T– this couple knows what it’s like to work together and grow a successful business. With more than 25 years of combined corporate experience, working at companies such as Campbell Soup, Proctor & Gamble, Polo Ralph Lauren, and AT & T, they were looking…

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Local Kiddie Academies featured in Google TV ads

Marketing support is a key reason why many entrepreneurs choose to work with a national franchise company rather than striking out on their own.   A recognized brand like Kiddie Academy with an experienced marketing team can be a great asset to a new franchisee.   Here’s one example of a Google TV Ad that…

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Would You Work for You? Leadership Tips

Kiddie Academy Leadership Tips -Day 8 Tip #8: Set Goals Set goals.  Your team is ready and willing to be inspired and challenged — just like you. Expect employees to work toward specific goals, and reward their efforts with appropriate financial and lifestyle perks.

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Leadership Tip #7: Be Thankful

  Leadership Tip #7: Say Thank You Be thankful. A simple thank you doesn’t cost anything, but it is highly valued by your team.  Your gratitude will be remembered far into the future, resulting in employee referrals, employees-turned-customers, and new connections.     Be sure to check out our previous tips beginning with #1.

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