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Three Franchise Business Superpowers You Need to Enhance

So here’s how it works. The name of the game is improvement. And whether you’re an established business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, there is always room to sharpen your skills. The truth is if you’re not improving, you’re diminishing. To help you with this, we’ve identified three essential skills that will make the biggest…

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Gaining the Advantage in a Competitive Local Market

The combination of an ever-growing marketplace and a tough economic climate means the competition for consumer attention is fierce and likely to become more so in the future. As a franchisee, you’re probably taking a seriously look at how to ramp up your competitive edge within the local market – we’re here to give you…

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Multi-reasons why multi-unit franchising is a smart investment

Q&A with Sue Hilger, VP of Franchise Development   Looking for the next challenging and rewarding step in your franchise career? Multi-unit ownership sure has a nice ring to it. We interviewed Sue Hilger, VP of Franchise Development at Kiddie Academy®, and discovered why multi-unit franchising is one of the most dominate growth trends and…

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Going Above and Beyond in Your Franchise Business

Outstanding Customer Service Stories & What to Learn From Them   We can’t complete our series about great customer service without mentioning Trader Joe’s supermarket. If you search Trader Joe’s on any review site, you’ll come across an impressive amount of praise from happy customers. Here’s our favorite story from the grocery chain that shows…

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Consumer marketing & what you should be doing as a franchise owner

By Kathy and Pam, Kiddie Academy Franchisees, Upper Freehold, NJ The name of the game is just to get people in your center. Whether they find you on their own or they were told by a friend, “You’ve got to see this place,” it’s all about getting traffic. Interested in knowing a few secrets to…

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