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North Carolina Couple Secures Small Business Loan to Open a Kiddie Academy

Meet the Lorenz family, a husband and wife duo that were looking to fulfill their dream of becoming business owners. Jerome Lorenz, with a background in business finance and banking along with his wife Vladimira, a former executive assistant wanted to be able to provide high quality child-care to children and parents in the Asheville…

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Avoid these financial mistakes when starting your franchise business.

It’s so easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the idea of starting their own business that their financial priorities drop and they’re left with headaches, heartache or financial loss. We’re making sure this doesn’t happen to you. We’ve teamed up with Lene Steelman, Kiddie Academy’s Controller and VP of Accounting, who helps franchisees…

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Corporate Leaders to open a Kiddie Academy® Child Care Center

Taisha and Deepak Vazirani met while working as Financial Managers at AT&T– this couple knows what it’s like to work together and grow a successful business. With more than 25 years of combined corporate experience, working at companies such as Campbell Soup, Proctor & Gamble, Polo Ralph Lauren, and AT & T, they were looking…

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Using Retirement Funds to Finance your Franchise

Financing is a crucial step in any new business proposition.  Did you know that you can invest your existing retirement funds in a new franchise operation—without taxes or penalties?  Unlike a loan with monthly payments, you use pre-tax dollars to fund your business.  You also gain business equity and an improved cash flow position from…

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High Interest From Them Means Low Interest for You

Big Banks Leading the Lending Charge   According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, a survey of loan officers performed by the Federal Reserve “cited more aggressive competition” among lenders. Why is this good for you?  The increased competition among banks to lend money means lower interest rates for loan recipients — for you….

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