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Small Business Resources for Franchise Start-ups

People turn to franchising as a business for many varied reasons. Some individuals embrace it because they have a special interest in a particular field but appreciate the comfort level, consistency and security associated with working with a tried-and-true business network. Other people gravitate towards a particular brand, and there are some folks that pursue…

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New Tax Code Spells Good News for Franchise Owners

The recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed into law late last year, makes 2018 an exciting time for franchising. By lowering the tax rate on businesses, the new tax code enables small business owners—including a majority of Kiddie Academy® franchisees—to expand, hire more workers and potentially take on more…

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Kiddie Academy® tops “Franchise Gator” rankings with phenomenal and fast growth!

Franchise Gator gave dual honors to Kiddie Academy ranking us #15 on their 2018 Top 100 list and #46 in the Fastest Growing Franchise category (up from #62 in 2017) further solidifying our reputation as an industry leader in both franchising and educational child care. The online franchise directory developed the rankings to help prospective franchisees identify top opportunities…

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Kiddie Academy® Primed for Double-Digit Franchise Growth In 2016

Answering the growing demand for education-based child care, Kiddie Academy®, a nationally networked franchise with more than 147 locations nationwide, announced an aggressive expansion plan to develop 30 new locations in 2016. On the heels of opening 20 new locations in 2015, the company will expand its national footprint through its franchising model from California and Texas to Florida and the Northeast….

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2016 Child Care Franchising Trends

We recently addressed the power of the child care profession and the fulfillment it can offer a family-minded entrepreneur. The for-profit childcare industry accounts for $18 billion per year (source). The continued success of the Kiddie Academy franchise over the past 35 years is evidence that parents are looking for earlier opportunities to give their…

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