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Leadership Tip #2

The next in our series of Leadership Tips for business owners.  Leadership Tip #2 Be real, all the time.  You’ll earn your team’s respect when you are transparent, honest, and genuine in everything you do. If you make a blunder, own it and learn from it.    

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Top 10 Leadership Tips: Would You Work for You?

Entrepreneurs and franchise owners wear many hats when running a business.  While you can hire an accountant or an interior designer to do some tasks, there’s only one person who’s truly at the helm — that’s you. How do you become a leader who inspires hard work, commands respect, and strikes that perfect balance between…

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Dads Making More Time for Kids

Dads are spending more time than ever with their children.  Some are even changing their careers to allow more family time.   Tim Ministri, owner of the Kiddie Academy of Charlottesville did just that.  Tim was recently highlighted in an article in The Daily Progress.  You can the full story here.

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What do franchisors look for in franchise candidates? Trait One…

Think you need an MBA to impress a franchisor?  Not true.  In this series, we’ll examine some of the key traits that franchisors seek in potential franchisees, and why those traits are so important.

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What do franchisors look for in franchise candidates? Trait Four…

So you’re thinking about owning a franchise business. You’ve done your homework and maybe even picked a brand or industry. Until now, franchisors have tried to demonstrate that their opportunity will be a good fit for you, but keep it mind that it works the other way around as well! In this ongoing series, we…

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