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Franchisee Focus: Kiddie Academy of Longwood-Lake Mary

Kiddie Academy franchisee Ted Cockram, of Kiddie Academy of Longwood – Lake Mary, was recently featured on the Lake Mary Life Blog.  You can see the whole story here.

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Leadership Series: Week Two

Tip #6 in our Leadership Series: Clarity is Key Be clear and concise.  Take every opportunity to simplify a process or experience in your business.  Whether in contracts, instructions or daily email, clarity is a valuable tool.  

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Leadership Tip #3

The next installment of our series of Leadership Tips for Entrepreneurs.  Please feel free to add your tips in the comments below. Leadership Tip #3 Give credit. Look for successes in your team and recognize them. A culture of shared accomplishments builds morale and inspires others.

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Leadership Tip #2

The next in our series of Leadership Tips for business owners.  Leadership Tip #2 Be real, all the time.  You’ll earn your team’s respect when you are transparent, honest, and genuine in everything you do. If you make a blunder, own it and learn from it.    

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Top 10 Leadership Tips: Would You Work for You?

Entrepreneurs and franchise owners wear many hats when running a business.  While you can hire an accountant or an interior designer to do some tasks, there’s only one person who’s truly at the helm — that’s you. How do you become a leader who inspires hard work, commands respect, and strikes that perfect balance between…

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