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Three Franchise Business Superpowers You Need to Enhance

So here’s how it works. The name of the game is improvement. And whether you’re an established business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, there is always room to sharpen your skills. The truth is if you’re not improving, you’re diminishing. To help you with this, we’ve identified three essential skills that will make the biggest…

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Multi-reasons why multi-unit franchising is a smart investment

Q&A with Sue Hilger, VP of Franchise Development   Looking for the next challenging and rewarding step in your franchise career? Multi-unit ownership sure has a nice ring to it. We interviewed Sue Hilger, VP of Franchise Development at Kiddie Academy®, and discovered why multi-unit franchising is one of the most dominate growth trends and…

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Your Guideline for Success: Creating a business plan for your franchise

After careful consideration, you’ve decided that owning a franchise is the right investment for you. Congratulations! Now it’s time for the next step, your business plan. Just as an architect uses a blueprint to guide him in building a structure, your business plan serves as your guide in building your franchise business. We’ve listed the…

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No Excuses Series: Part Two

You want to own your own business and take control of your future. So why haven’t you? Our guess is that you’ve come up with a list of reasons not to take the plunge. Well, we’re here to help. Excuse #2: I need to do more research. Finding the right location in a market is…

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