Finding Meaningful Work Through Reinvention

Money is great. Titles are nice. Offices can be comfortable. But while many elements of work life can offer satisfaction, they are not as important as the work itself. Genuine purpose, that feeling of fulfillment you can get from working hard on a project that has great intention or meaning, can sometimes be the straw in the career haystack. Not everyone discovers it or grows to understand its potential.

If your work is something you love to do, it can offer profound clarity, intense persistence and great happiness to life, personally and professionally. Studies show that those who find their work to be meaningful or fulfill a purpose, are more likely to continue the job long-term, often equating to greater success as a result of a lifelong commitment. Finding meaning in one’s work can also increase motivation, job satisfaction, individual performance and personal fulfillment.

According to a Society for Human Resources survey, when asked about the meaningfulness of one’s job (the feeling that the job contributes to society as a whole), 39 percent of employees believed that this aspect was very important to overall job satisfaction.

Finding a new job that satisfies the idea of meaningful work, however, can be stressful – especially for mid-career professionals who might be worried about losing the benefits of years of experience or starting from scratch in a new career. But starting the journey can also be a step in the direction of personal reinvention, which offers powerful opportunities to take control of your professional and personal life and reach your full potential.

It sounds simple, but starting with something you love to do, that makes you happy and for the right reasons, can be the best answer to reinvention.

What will you do to reinvent yourself in 2016? We’ll be writing more about the idea of reinvention in January and hope you’ll find inspiration to think about the vision you have for your goals and your desires in the New Year.

Happy New Year KA

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