North Carolina Couple Secures Small Business Loan to Open a Kiddie Academy

Meet the Lorenz family, a husband and wife duo that were looking to fulfill their dream of becoming business owners. Jerome Lorenz, with a background in business finance and banking along with his wife Vladimira, a former executive assistant wanted to be able to provide high quality child-care to children and parents in the Asheville area.  As they had little child-care experience, they knew franchising was the best option. They looked to Kiddie Academy® for expertise and training to make their dreams a reality.The Lorenz’s knew that an important piece of getting their first business up and running would be receiving start-up financing. 

Kiddie academy of asheville
Luckily, “the first piece of advice that Kiddie Academy® gave us was to turn to BoeFly to streamline the process of getting a loan. As a banker, I know the process of getting a loan can be quite lengthy. Instead of going bank to bank, which is inefficient, I used BoeFly to complete one bank-ready financing request online and get matched to lenders that were interested in my loan. The process worked and I am happy to report that after getting 16 lenders reviewing my deal I chose a lender in North Carolina that was the best fit for me,” said Jerome Lorenz.

When the Lorenz’s submitted their loan request to BoeFly, they received several funding offers from lenders. They ultimately chose to work with Craig Kaffenberger, a Commercial Lender.

The Lorenz’s decided to develop the Kiddie Academy® of Asheville in South Asheville due to demographics showing more, young families and businesses are locating in the South Asheville and North Henderson County region. Kiddie Academy® of Asheville will soon be open giving those in the Asheville area access to quality, center-based child care.

“At Kiddie Academy®, we offer our franchisees resources like BoeFly so that the franchisee is armed for success from the beginning,” said Lene Steelman, Vice President of Finance of Kiddie Academy. “This success story is yet another example of how BoeFly has helped our franchisees get connected to the right lenders, which in turn has enabled the Kiddie Academy® system to grow.”

“It is a pleasure to partner with a franchise system like Kiddie Academy® that supports its franchisees throughout the process from the ground up,” said Mike Rozman, co-president of BoeFly. “Kiddie Academy® knows that helping its franchisees access small business loans more efficiently through BoeFly’s business lending made easy marketplace, allows the franchisees to focus on training, hiring, marketing, and all the other pieces that go into opening a Kiddie Academy® .”

For more information about the Kiddie Academy franchise process, please visit our website.

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