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Kiddie Academy Mentioned in Franchise Business Review

Deciding on a franchise concept is no easy feat – from food to tools to computer repair to gyms, there is a world of possibilities. And even after you do decide the sector, your decision-making isn’t over. Each franchise category is vast and varied in terms of models, investment and services. If you have narrowed…

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Do you need experience to become a franchisee?

At Kiddie Academy, we tell potential franchisees that previous experience in child care is not a requirement – and that sometimes gets a puzzled response.  Wouldn’t it be important to have industry experience in order to run your business well?  Across the board in franchising, the answer is often no.

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What to Expect during the Site Selection Process

The importance of site selection Even if criteria differ by business, every entrepreneur knows: location plays a determining role in the success of almost every franchise business.

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The New Franchisee: Age and Franchising

Since the appearance last December of Annie Lowrey’s article Grown-Up Start Ups, the buzz about the higher success rate of older entrepreneurs has grown unabated, catching the attention of journalists at the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.  We’ve even seen special attention paid to the recent boom in older franchisees by Market…

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Evaluate the three tiers of marketing support

Franchisor marketing support can have a huge impact on the cost of generating sales, and hence on your overall profit.  Take it upon yourself to find out how well a potential franchisor’s marketing works.

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