Tips for Franchise Success in 2019

The new year will be here before you know it. Whether you’re a seasoned Kiddie Academy franchisee or are considering purchasing your first franchise in the new year, this is when you should be focused on making sure you’re doing what you need to do to ensure the success

“There’s much to consider as you’re planning your business strategy for 2019. Focusing on recruitment, training, marketing, enrollment growth and retention, and community involvement will require your attention,” said Sharon Lytwynec, Kiddie Academy’s Vice President of Operations. “We know that’s a lot. The good news for Kiddie Academy franchise owners is that your corporate team is here to support you. From Operations to Marketing, Education to Accounting, we’re here as resources to help your Academy succeed.”

As a starting point to help make 2019 a prosperous year for you, here are some tips based on a list from the International Franchise Association (IFA):

Be Enthusiastic – The success of any business is linked to the level of enthusiasm you bring to the job. Enthusiasm brings a level of excitement and energy to the operation that everyone can feel, including your customers and staff. When your staff does good work, let them know you appreciate it and celebrate it with them. It shows you’re paying attention and value their contributions.

Recruit the Best and Treat Them with Respect – Hiring the right people is important to building a successful franchise. A good hire, with the right onboarding, becomes productive faster and is likely to stay with you longer.

Train Your Employees – In franchising, training should be continuous.  Employees are your front line. Training classes are a good way to show your employees that they matter to you. Look for opportunities to develop talented staff, challenging them to grow and adding responsibilities based on strengths. It makes them feel valued and makes their jobs more exciting and interesting. A good leader understands what others want to get out of their careers and helps them create a career path to get there.

Give Customers Great Service – Everything you do should be done with the customer in mind. You want to make parents feel like they made the right decision to select your Academy. The unique experience you provide each parent you meet is what makes you stand out in relation to your competition. Creating an exceptional customer experience is how to make your existing customers happy and get them to share that experience with others.

Get Involved with the Community – Our business is built on relationships. The more involved you become in your community, the more that involvement pays off for your business. Your involvement in civic or youth groups is not only a great networking tool, it’s a way that you can show that we walk the walk when we say, “At Kiddie Academy, community begins here.”

Follow the System – Part of the reason for buying a franchise is that you’re investing in a business system that works. When you follow that system, you preserve the brand and protect your investment and that of your fellow franchisees. For Kiddie Academy franchisees, your Administrative Operations Manual is a playbook for you to follow, based on standards and best practices that have worked for other Kiddie Academy franchisees through the years. Additionally, as part of the Kiddie Academy system, you have the backing of a network of experts you can rely on for support and advice. Kiddie Academy gives you access to experts in real estate, construction, training, operations, finance, business analysis, education, marketing and technology. Our in-house experts are here to provide you the help you need or direct you to a trusted source where you can find it.

Click on the following link for the complete list of IFA’s keys to success:

What Are the Keys to Franchise Success?” – International Franchise Association

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