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Create a great relationship with your Franchise Business Consultant

When you become a franchisee, your franchisor will usually assign an individual franchise support specialist, who serves as your main liaison with the corporate office.  At Kiddie Academy, we call them Franchise Business Consultants or FBCs.

Your FBC visits your business on a regular basis, from once a week to once a trimester, depending on the type of business and the level of support you require.  The main purpose of these visits is to help you grow your business by improving all aspects of the business.  The FBC will review your situation to see what aspects of the business can use some improvement, and often this is by sharing best practices from within the franchise network. In addition, an FBC is the person that you can call for advice at any time about any issue – from sales strategy to a leak in the ceiling. 

Even if you haven’t chosen a franchisor, it’s never too early to start thinking about creating a healthy FBC relationship.

  1. Begin before you sign on as a franchisee.  Most franchisors hold “orientation” or “discovery” days during which potential franchisees are invited to visit the corporate office.  These events are a great opportunity to meet some of the FBCs and get a feel for what they’re like and how they plan to work with you and your team.  Your comfort with the people, who will be your support structure, is vital.
  2. Have an open and honest dialogue from the start.  As soon as you are assigned an FBC, ask questions and raise any concerns.  Remember that your FBC is a partner; your success is their success.
  3. Don’t “dress up” for their on-site visits.  Unless your FBC can get a true feel for how things are going at your business, they won’t be able to help you.  To prepare for an on-site visit, all you need to do is have current business records on hand and let the visit be organic.

By developing a strong relationship with your Franchise Business Consultant, you are gaining a key ally in starting and maintaining a thriving business.

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