What do franchisors look for in franchise candidates? Trait Four…

So you’re thinking about owning a franchise business. You’ve done your homework and maybe even picked a brand or industry. Until now, franchisors have tried to demonstrate that their opportunity will be a good fit for you, but keep it mind that it works the other way around as well! In this ongoing series, we continue to examine some ideal traits that franchisors seek in franchisees candidates.

Trait #4: Brand engagement

Franchisors know that their best franchisees aren’t only good business people, they’re also passionate about the brand. As a franchise candidate, you don’t have to be a brand fanatic just yet, but franchisors will be looking for the following qualities that predict brand engagement potential:

Franchisors are always on the lookout for future brand ambassadors, because they build positive energy within the system and create a positive impression of the brand wherever they go.  These franchisees are a great asset both to their own business and to their entire franchise system.

What other traits do you think effective franchisees and business owners share?   Post your answers, questions and comments below.  If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see discussed here, email us at blog@kiddieacademy.com.

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