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We support our Franchisees so they can support families

Child care is an essential service, and that’s never been more apparent than it is in today’s world. Kiddie Academy Franchisees and their teachers and staff are part of the bedrock of support for the families they serve. But even community heroes need help. That’s where we come in.

Kiddie Academy’s corporate team is committed to providing unparalleled support to the 270+ Kiddie Academy locations around the country so they can do what they do best – provide quality care and education to tens of thousands of children.

Market Outlook of the Child Care Industry

Business industry research company IBISWorld has identified child care services as one of five small-to-medium enterprises expected to outperform the wider economy this year as we recover from the economic downturn of the pandemic. This is consistent with the industry’s performance in the wake of previous recessionary periods.

Another analytical firm, Grand View Research, projects that even with the COVID-19 impact, the U.S. child care market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027, reaching $73.8 billion by 2027. Within that sector, the early education and daycare segment dominated, with a share of around 46% in 2019. This is attributable to the increase in the rising demand along with the government funding to child care centers.

Not surprisingly, franchise owners in other industries have identified the economic resilience of the child care industry. We continue to receive interest from business owners with experience in the hospitality industry, as well as the food industry, professional services industries and more. They feel now is a great time to diversify their portfolio of businesses.

Additionally, while credit markets tightened in response to the pandemic, financing continues to be available to Kiddie Academy Franchisees interested in opening an Academy at historically low rates. Franchisee financing remains available through Small Business Administration (SBA) loans from national and regional lenders. These lenders appreciate Kiddie Academy’s brand longevity, our Academy operating model stability and our history of strong systemwide Bank Credit Reports and Fund Reports.

Essential workers at Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy thank you cards

Educational Child Care is an Essential Service

While COVID complicated most industries – child care included – it also became clear very early on that our ability to quickly adapt to provide a safe environment to children and staff was critical. We see our importance as three-fold. First, parents lean on us to provide safe and reliable care for their children so they can continue their work (much of which is also considered essential). Second, we provide a safe and stable workplace for incredibly talented teachers and staff. And third, we provide a safe, loving and consistent environment for children to continue their learning and socialization skills.

We are proud that our collective efforts resulted in the sustainment of every single Franchise business in 2020. That is, not a single Academy has had to close permanently due to COVID-19-related financial issues.

Hear from our Franchisees about the support they receive

The past year has presented an opportunity for Kiddie Academy to rethink certain processes and innovate at a rapid pace. Take a look at some of the stories from our Franchisees about resilience, adaptability, gratitude and more.

Corporate Support

We are able to leverage 40 years of experience to share with our Franchisees to help them grow their businesses. In 2020, we released even more timely content to support our system on a wide range of topics, from guidance on the federal CARES Act to insurance, finances, legal issues, operations, enrollment continuity, community engagement and more.

Enhanced Communication

We communicate with our Franchisees often and provide our support in many other capacities, including email, webinars, one-on-one video calls, group video calls and more. As we monitor the evolving business climate, our team of subject matter experts continuously communicates with the system, allowing our Franchisees to remain focused on their businesses.

One-On-One Support

Our Franchisees always have a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant (“FBC”) to lean on for support. But now, more than ever, that relationship is critical. Our FBCs work tirelessly to be available for any need, including advice on best practices, answers to operational questions or just to serve as a sounding board.

Health and Safety Response

We are focused on supporting our Franchisees’ efforts to comply with state and local regulations to keep staff, children and families safe and healthy. To effectively do this, we have made changes in our Academies and how we support our families at home. You can learn more about them here or view our Health Essentials guidelines.

Investment in Technology

Kiddie Academy has invested, and continues to invest, in innovative forms of technology. This focus on being on the cutting-edge proved very useful during the pandemic. We were the first major child care brand to offer digital enrollment for parents, so enrollment was seamless, easy and could be done 100% virtually. Our corporate team was prepared prior to the pandemic to go virtual, so our operational support never missed a beat. Our facility is equipped with technology that allows us to meet Franchise Applicants and demonstrate Kiddie Academy’s unique support structure through video conferencing. And we continue to work on projects that will allow us to serve customers and Franchisees in even more impactful ways.

Kiddie Academy student collecting cans

Community Impact

The Ability to Make a Difference

One of the greatest joys of working in this industry is knowing you can have a direct and positive impact in your community. Our franchisees went above and beyond the call of duty with countless examples of philanthropy throughout the pandemic. Academy teachers made face masks for nursing homes and grocers; Franchisees donated extra PPE to frontline workers in critical need of protection; Academies held food drives to help feed the most vulnerable members of our communities; children drew heartwarming notes of gratitude to teachers, first responders, health care workers, and other essential personnel. Across the country, Kiddie Academy communities came together to bring new meaning to our motto, Community Begins Here, and reached new heights serving others.

Resources For Small Businesses

Community Begins Here has always been our motto and it has never been more important than now. Leveraging our community of experts, our resources and our experience, we’ve put together a resource center to help small businesses in all industries navigate, adapt and plan to reopen during this uncertain time.

“We personally want to thank the entire corporate team. It brings such a relief to us to know that we invested our life into a company that always has our back, always helps and always has our best interest in mind. This pandemic will pass, hopefully sooner than later. We are proud that we are in this with such a wonderful company”

Shanie Carmon and Judy Bartholomew

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