Kiddie Academy COVID-19 Support

Providing valuable care to our communities

Supporting Our Franchisees

Our world, our lives, our businesses have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Many industries have been disrupted by temporary closures and cutbacks. However, where it’s a reasonable option, many Kiddie Academy locations have opted to remain open. In most states, Kiddie Academy is considered an essential service due to the communities’ dependence on childcare.

Our Franchisees are being tasked with difficult decisions during this unprecedented time. As a system, we are fully dedicated to helping our Franchisees effectively and safely support their communities in any way possible. We have thoughtfully implemented several new measures to fully support this mission.

Resources for Franchisees

We leveraged our nearly 40 years of experience to curate a library of timely resources for our system to utilize. Our comprehensive resource library covers a multitude of topics related to the impact of the COVID-19 response, including guidance on the federal CARES Act, insurance, finances, legal issues, operations, enrollment continuity, community engagement and more.

Daily Communications

Our Franchisees are trusting us to guide them through this pandemic and we are. We communicate with our system daily through email, webinars and one-on-one video calls to keep them updated on the latest information. As we monitor this evolving situation, our team of subject-matter experts continuously communicate with our system which allows our Franchisees to remain focused on their own business.

One-On-One Support

Our Franchisees always have a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant (“FBC”) to lean on for support. But now, more than ever, that relationship is critical. Our FBCs are working around the clock to be available for any need, including advice on best practices, answers to operational questions or just to serve as a sounding board.

System Response

As a system, we keep a laser focus on supporting our Franchisees efforts to complying with the measures our state and the federal governments issue to keep us all, and especially our vulnerable community members, safe. To effectively do this, we have also made changes in our Academies and how we support our families at home. You can learn more about them here or view our Health Essentials guide.

Virtual Orientation Days

For the safety of our team members and prospective Franchisees, Orientation Day visits are now being conducted virtually. Our facility is equipped with technology that allows us to meet Franchise Applicants and demonstrate Kiddie Academy’s unique support structure through video conferencing.

Resources For Small Businesses

Community Begins Here has always been our motto and it has never been more important than now. Leveraging our community of experts, our resources and our experience, we’ve put together a resource center to help small businesses in all industries navigate, adapt and plan to reopen during this uncertain time.

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“We personally want to thank the entire corporate team. It brings such a relief to us to know that we invested our life into a company that always has our back, always helps and always has our best interest in mind. This pandemic will pass, hopefully sooner than later. We are proud that we are in this with such a wonderful company”

Shanie Carmon and Judy Bartholomew

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